USDA Forest Service – PNW Region: Our Regional Priorities

The USDA Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Region is committed to working closely with partners and local communities on shared opportunities and challenges. Wherever possible, our work is carried out in partnership. We target investments in collaboratively developed projects with strong community support and projects which leverage partner contributions and operate across land ownership boundaries.

In 2018, our regional priorities include:

Ecosystem Restoration
Healthy ecosystems support people and communities that depend on public lands. We will expand our capacity for restoration by working with our partners and across boundaries. Together, we will work to restore ecosystems and watersheds so that our public lands are resilient now and into the future.

Wildland Fire Management
We will manage wildfire preparedness and response to provide firefighter and public safety and protect values at risk in accordance with sound risk management principles. To ensure integration, mutual support, and learning, we will continue strengthening interagency cooperation before, during, and after fire events.

Sustainable Recreation
Through implementation of our Regional Sustainable Recreation Strategy, we will provide a diverse array of safe and sustainable recreation opportunities favoring investments that leverage our limited resources and expand our capacity through integration and partnerships.

We will manage and maintain our infrastructure to provide for the health, safety, security, and accessibility of visitors and employees and be more ecologically and financially sustainable over the long term. Forest Plan Revision We will continue to update Forest Plans to address ecological needs and societal values using the most practicable and transparent means. Forests will complete Records of Decision for the Colville National Forest and Blue Mountains plan revisions. Teams will assemble to initiate plan revisions on units within the Northwest Forest Plan.

High-Performing Region
Our success is based on our ability to deliver the Region’s programs efficiently, using and leveraging limited appropriated funds as effectively as possible. We believe we will be more successful as a Region if we maintain a welcoming, inclusive, productive, and happy workforce and work environment. We will adapt our programs and services to serve a broader cross-section of America and continue to pursue innovative, sustainable, and multifaceted approaches to business operations and cultural change.