Public land: It’s all yours!

Public lands are among our nation’s most valuable assets. These natural treasures are not only capable of supporting recreation and wildlife, they support a wealth of natural resources that belong to all Americans.

The Forest Service stewards these valuable resources for this and future generations, providing for what America’s first chief forester, Gifford Pinchot, called “the greatest good, for the greatest number, in the long run.”

The Pacific Northwest Region (Region 6) of the USDA Forest Service contains 17 National Forests, a National Scenic Area, a National Grassland, and two National Volcanic Monuments, all within the States of Oregon and Washington.

These Forests provide timber for people, forage for cattle and wildlife, habitat for fish, plants, and animals, and protection for rivers, streams and watersheds that provide clean water for drinking, agriculture, and industrial use. National Forests in the Pacific Northwest also offer some of the finest recreation lands in the country.

Forests in the region represent diverse ecosystems, from wet temperate rain forests to the more arid high desert, at elevations ranging from coastal dunes to mountain peaks. Active volcanoes within the region include Mount Baker, Mount Rainier, Mount St Helens (which erupted in 1980), Mount Hood, and Mount Jefferson.

Pacific Northwest Region National Forest vicinity map.

Pacific Northwest Region Almanac (PDF)


Pacific Northwest National Forests, by state:


Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

Deschutes National Forest includes Newberry National Volcanic Monument

Fremont-Winema National Forest

Malheur National Forest

Mt. Hood National Forest

Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland

Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest

Siuslaw National Forest

Umatilla National Forest

Umpqua National Forest

Wallowa Whitman National Forest

Willamette National Forest 


Colville National Forest

Gifford Pinchot National Forest includes Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Okanogan & Wenatchee National Forests

Olympic National Forest