In the News: Bringing diversity to the outdoors

a girl smiles while holding up her shoeshoes, amid a crowd of students

“With the Olympic Mountains on its western fringe and the Cascade Range to the east, the Seattle area is at the center of some of the most eye-popping landscape in the United States,” Lornet Turnbull, writes for the Washingon Post: “Several million acres of wilderness lie within an easy drive, and in recent years, the increasingly crowded trails here have also begun to reflect a growing diversity — despite Seattle being one of the least diverse major cities in the country.”

The USDA Forest Service – Pacific Northwest Region is among a diverse coalition of individuals, agencies, non-profits, and private companies working to ensure all Americans enjoy access to the the outdoors, especially on the nation’s national forests and grasslands.

In addition to helping organize and support outdoors experiences with non-profit partners (like Latino Outdoors in Seattle, as referenced in the article), other programs that support improved diversity in access to – and management of – federal lands managed by the agency include the national Every Kid in a Park pass program for 4th graders and families; AmeriCorps paid high school completion, vocational training, and education stipends for young adults; summer jobs performing trails maintenance and stewardship work for high school and college students; and scholarships and research fellowships for students interested in pursuing a land management -related career.

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