In the News: Capitol Christmas Tree

A 30' diameter felled tree, viewed from the cut end, is hoised by a crane while a crowd of people look on.

It takes a team to find “America’s Christmas Tree,” the tree that will greet visitors and lawmakers to the U.S. Capitol this holiday season. This year, the 2018 Capitol Christmas tree will be found on the Willamette National Forest in southern Oregon.

While there are thousands of trees to choose from, only a few will meet exacting standards set by the Architect of the Capitol. The Willamette’s “tree team” has led an exhaustive search for the perfect tree and this week, they hosted a representative from the Architect of the Capitol to view the final candidates so he can make the official selection, which will be announced in November when the 80′ tree is felled for it’s cross-country journey east to Washington D.C.


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