In the News: Wolverines make way to south Cascades

Two men hold a captive, sedated wolverine, which has been outfitted with a radio collar

A North American wolverine tracked to Washington State’s Mount Rainier has raised hopes the endangered mammal could return to the southern reaches of its historical range. These highly endangered animals (our February Forest Feature) thrive in alpine climates, and once roamed as far south as Oregon’s Wallowa Mountains, but have only returned to Washington State’s north Cascades in the past few decades.

From the Seattle Times:

“Wildlife advocates are thrilled to document a breeding female wolverine south of I-90 for the first time in modern times. The carnivore is a cherished commando of the forest realm, and a master of its landscape… Renowned for their agility, power and all-terrain finesse, wolverines are among the most rare mammals in North America.”

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